This is a great walk but you need a reasonable level of fitness, some good footwear and a fondness for hills. You will be rewarded with some fabulous scenery.

The route I have suggested is around five miles in total. If you add in walking down to Hopes Nose that’s almost an extra mile. You may want to take a picnic and make a day of it. I have suggested places where you can peel off and head back for home if you want a shorter walk.

If you are lucky you may see a Peregrine Falcon or seal. Take a towel if you want to swim and and have a refreshing dip at Anstey’s Cove or Meadfoot Beach.

Walk to Meadfoot Beach

This is the view you will see through the pines towards Meadfoot Beach:


Want to carry on?

Hopes Nose detour

Detour for confident walkers only: There is a circular walk which leads down a steep path to Hopes Nose: Taking this path could add as much as a mile to your walk. You will find some amazing geological rock formations, wild birds, possibly seals and a lot of grumpy fishermen.

Anstey’s Cove

Between Easter and October you will find a nice little café. During the Summer you can hire sun loungers, paddleboards and canoes.

Walk by the sea or through the woods



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