COVID 19 Precautions.

We are delighted to be able to welcome guests back to Vane Tower Penthouse and thank you so much for booking with us.

However, the Government is only allowing accommodation businesses to re-open subject to certain conditions being met.  We have been issued with protocols that outline new cleaning and safety requirements. These are to ensure your safety, and that of our staff, and our family.  It will, however, mean that things are slightly different from usual, and we will be asking for your cooperation with a few things.

When you arrive – we have always enjoyed meeting our guests but sadly we will now have to wave at you from a distance. Prior to your visit we will send you information on how to access the property by using the key safe which is situated next to the apartment’s entrance. If you need any help finding anything, or understanding how things work, please ring and we will be happy to help. You will find a QR Track and Trace code to scan as you walk up the stairs. Please check in with your NHS Covid-19 app. If tier regulations are in place please ensure you comply with the local guidelines when you are out and about.

Cleaning will take extra time –We are following all the latest government guidelines All our cleaning protocols follow the Covid Ready Guidelines from PASC UK (Professional Association of Self-Caterers), the AA and Visit England.  Because of the Covid-19 risk, we now have to “double clean” – first our usual high level cleaning, and then go over everything again with a virucidal sanitiser and steam cleaner for upholstery and furnishings.  This means that we need extra time for each changeover, so arrival and departure times will now be 5pm arrival (rather than 4pm), and 9 am departure (rather than the usual 10am).  We apologise for the inconvenience, but it is really important that you allow us this extra time to ensure your safety and peace of mind. You are very welcome to leave your car with us if you arrive before we have finished cleaning or want to leave later on your last day. If we manage to finish earlier we will let you know.

There is no need to strip the bed unless you have symptoms – We have invested in extra bedding and will change all of it between visits – duvets, pillows etc. We will wear PPE to do this as government advice is that bedding could make any virus airborne. If you are suffering from symptoms we will provide you with bin bags to bag up the bedding.

Please open some windows before leaving (if weather permits, not if blowing a gale). This will ensure the apartment is ventilated as much as possible.

Please empty all bins (including bathroom bins) and leave bagged up inside the apartment. We will dispose of it for you. Please do not put any tissues in the recycling but put them in the general waste and double bag.

Please fill the dishwasher with a full load of crockery and cutlery and set it running before leaving (do not empty it).  We are now required to re-wash everything between guests, so it would help hugely if you could put as many plates, cutlery, cups etc. in the dishwasher before leaving, not just your breakfast things.

Some furnishings/decorations pictured on our website may be missing – to reduce the risk of touch contamination, we have been advised to remove as much as possible from the cottages.  This means that decorative cushions and throws, ornaments, paper information leaflets, toys, games, etc have been kept to a minimum.  We have also reduced the quantity of some kitchen equipment, as the requirement to rewash every item between guests (even if it is clean) would not be possible in the time with the usual quantities. 

If you develop symptoms

We hope that you will have a happy and healthy holiday.  However, if anyone in your party is displaying signs of the Coronavirus do not ignore or try to hide your symptoms. You must:

  1. stay indoors and self isolate
  2. you should inform us, immediately
  3. Arrange a test using the holiday address.
  4. If you need medical advice while you wait for your test results please contact your usual home GP or call 111
  5. If you are staying with other people they must also take appropriate action based on your test result. Test results are issued by text or email so you can return home the most direct way. Do not use public transport.
  6. The result of this test must be shown to us as the cleaning protocols are different and we will need additional time to ensure our safety and that of our next guests.. If that is not possible and you have to self-isolate here, you will be liable to pay for all bookings that have to be cancelled as a result of your extended stay.
You can book a test online at:

Or you can call 119

If you have any questions, please call us on 07751 827787.

Thank you,

Katie and Steve Huxley